Joining ASC at the 2014 Under the Big Top for Autism Gala

Operating as a senior partner at Toronto-based Neinstein & Associates, Gary Neinstein has earned Queens Council membership for his service in cases involving life-altering personal injuries. In addition to representing clients with serious injuries, Neinstein and Associates also contributes to many worthy causes including Autism Speaks Canada.

An affiliate of the Autism Speaks network, Autism Speaks Canada is part of the largest advocacy organization in North America solely dedicated to the research and support of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). To recognize the achievements of generous patrons and to continue its support of individuals with ASD and their families, Autism Speaks Canada plans to host the 4th Annual “Under the Big Top for Autism” Gala on November 20, 2014, at the Liberty Grand in Ontario.

Paula Stamp and Calvin Barry, who founded Team CJ in 2011 after their son’s diagnosis of ASD, have raised more than $300,000 in support of Autism Speaks Canada through events such as this annual gala. This year, supporters can enjoy a dinner and cocktail reception followed by live entertainment from high-profile troupes such as Zero Gravity Circus, Fire Guy, and Higher Ground.

Tickets are on sale now. To learn more about the event or to reserve your spot, visit

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Liability Laws for Cyclists

As founding partner of Neinstein & Associates in Toronto, Ontario, Gary Neinstein Q.C. focuses on representing victims of medical malpractice and severe personal injury. As a result, Neinstein and Associates regularly represents cyclists involved in accidents with motor vehicles.

Under Canadian law, a motorist who strikes a cyclist is assumed liable and is placed under a reverse onus. This means that the motorist must prove conclusively that he or she is not responsible for the accident. Drivers may claim, for example, that the cyclist was not following the rules of the road. A cyclist who fails to signal for a turn and is subsequently hit may be found at least partially responsible for an accident. Similarly, a cyclist who incorrectly assumes the right of way may be said to have contributed to the accident.

However, violation of road rules is not necessarily fully indicative of fault. For example, a cyclist on the sidewalk is not likely to be found responsible if hit by a car. Motorists are expected and required to look out for sidewalk users, even if they are illegally riding a bicycle along the sidewalk. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help cyclists determine whether they may be found at fault for an accident.

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Filing Tort Claims in Ontario

Gary Neinstein, QC, and his team of personal injury lawyers at Neinstein & Associates work closely with clients to identify their options and find solutions following an injury or death. A specialized law firm, Neinstein and Associates began operating in the Toronto area more than four decades ago under the leadership of Gary Neinstein. Today, the firm focuses on serving clients in slip and fall cases; medical malpractice lawsuits; and motor vehicle accident claims, including tort claims.

The victims of motor vehicle accidents must take a few careful steps to preserve their rights to sue any and all at-fault parties. First, the injured person should provide written notice of his or her intentions to file a claim. This notice should be given to the at-fault driver and his or her insurance provider within 120 days after the accident. After giving this notice, the injured party will need to provide the insurance company of the at-fault driver with any medical or economic information that supports his or her claim. They may also need to sign statements swearing to the circumstances of the accident and their injuries.

Injured parties have up to two years after the date of accident to start any actions against the at-fault drivers. However, moving cases forward faster helps to maximize recovery. Injured parties may also force the insurance providers of at-fault drivers to mediate the case prior to moving to trial in an effort to settle early.

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How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer

Neinstein & Associates, a law firm based in Toronto, Ontario, provides legal representation in personal injury and accident cases. Neinstein & Associates LLP was founded by Gary Neinstein, a member of the Queens Counsel, called to the bar in 1970. With over 43 years’ experience in personal injury law, Mr. Neinstein has conducted over 300 jury and non-jury trials and is a well-known litigator in the city, with an extensive record of success. He seeks to help injury victims receive the largest possible settlements for their pain and suffering.

Dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury or accident can be a very trying experience, especially if there are potential large sums of money involved. Having a good personal injury lawyer on your side can make all the difference between receiving fair compensation for your injuries and distress and losing the case. It is imperative that your lawyer is dedicated to fighting for your cause. The right lawyer will ideally have extensive legal know-how in regard to personal injury, as well as a great deal of experience advocating cases similar to yours. A track record of success is also a positive indicator of competence. Because they have the knowledge, expertise, and success in handling such cases, practiced lawyers are able to proceed confidently and secure larger amounts of compensation than those who do not.

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When to Call a Lawyer after a Car Accident

An accomplished personal injury lawyer, Gary Neinstein Q.C. of Neinstein & Associates has more than 43 years of experience helping accident victims. Neinstein and Associates regularly represents victims of car accidents.

For victims of car accidents, an experienced lawyer is key to receiving appropriate compensation. Many accident victims are unsure about when or if to call a lawyer. For most of these individuals, fault allocation and seriousness of injuries will become deciding factors in their settlement. If the accident resulted in serious injuries or injuries that suggest possible permanent damage to the body or brain, or if the accident is fatal for anyone involved, experts recommend contacting a lawyer as soon as possible. These cases most often require an in-depth knowledge of personal injury law to secure the settlement funds to which the victim is due.

Experts also suggest contacting a lawyer if debate exists as to the party at fault. Debate over fault may be due to a potentially faulty police report, conflicting witness reports, or other incidents of human error or malice. A lawyer can advise on what to say and to whom, in addition to serving as a knowledgeable liaison with insurance companies. Legal professionals suggest that uninsured individuals consult with a lawyer by default, as should any party involved in a case in which a lawyer is already participating.

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Put Up Your Dukes Supports Improvements at CAMH

Voted a top ten firm by Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Neinstein & Associates offers clients expertise in all aspects of personal injury law and specializes in working with insurance companies to receive the largest settlement possible. Active in the Toronto community, Neinstein & Associates and its founder, Gary Neinstein, support the work of several Toronto-based organizations, including the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and its Put Up Your Dukes event.

Founded in 2011, Put Up Your Dukes is an annual charity event that is dedicated to raising awareness of mental illness and addiction and serves to support the work of CAMH. Neinstein’s trial lawyer Harv Lewin is a co-founder of the event. It was founded in memory of Ryan “Duke” Lewin who took his own life at the age of 28 after battling mental illness and addiction for a number of years.

Each year, Put Up Your Dukes has been a success, and funds from the event have been used to build Duke’s Place, a lounge for adolescent patients in the Intergenerational Wellness Centre at CAMH. Currently, proceeds from the most recent Put Up Your Dukes event are being directed towards building the Lewin Family Living Learning Room. When completed, the room will serve as a relaxing meeting place where patients and family members can visit with one another and enjoy a range of enriching activities.

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