When to Call a Lawyer after a Car Accident

An accomplished personal injury lawyer, Gary Neinstein Q.C. of Neinstein & Associates has more than 43 years of experience helping accident victims. Neinstein and Associates regularly represents victims of car accidents.

For victims of car accidents, an experienced lawyer is key to receiving appropriate compensation. Many accident victims are unsure about when or if to call a lawyer. For most of these individuals, fault allocation and seriousness of injuries will become deciding factors in their settlement. If the accident resulted in serious injuries or injuries that suggest possible permanent damage to the body or brain, or if the accident is fatal for anyone involved, experts recommend contacting a lawyer as soon as possible. These cases most often require an in-depth knowledge of personal injury law to secure the settlement funds to which the victim is due.

Experts also suggest contacting a lawyer if debate exists as to the party at fault. Debate over fault may be due to a potentially faulty police report, conflicting witness reports, or other incidents of human error or malice. A lawyer can advise on what to say and to whom, in addition to serving as a knowledgeable liaison with insurance companies. Legal professionals suggest that uninsured individuals consult with a lawyer by default, as should any party involved in a case in which a lawyer is already participating.

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